A lot has happened to the Gamma Low project during the last two weeks. This is a summary of the most important events:

New members

Four members have joined the team to help conquer the cell-conquering world: Jason (tester, code-contributor and masterserver hoster), Billy (tester) and JDuarte (tester).

We're all very happy to have a growing team and it will certainly speed up development!

Release 0.1

Next big thing, milestone 0.1 is finished and released. Go to the download page, we have binaries for Win32 and Mac and sourcecode for Linux.

Master server

Since we found a place for the master server, milestone 0.2 will be featured around getting clients and servers connected over the internet. Everyone will be able to launch a new game server and register to the master server. Once registered, clients from all over the place will be able to join and have a chat!


Last, but not least - the new website is up.