What is Gamma Low?

Gamma Low is a multiplayer strategy game in which two teams of light-based life-forms fight for the dominance over a cellular system. The roles in each team are split up into a master commander position (called The Mind), several sub-commanders (called Spirits) and the working/attacking force, the Lights.

While the gameplay of Gamma Low has mostly been defined (read more on the WIKI) , the development of client and servers is still far from that goal.

How far?

In the current release of the game, release 0.1, a local server can be booted and several clients can connect locally to it (no network/internet yet). The clients can enter a name and fly around an empty cell using the mouse. The movement and logging events are replicated on the other connected clients.

We are already working on future versions of Gamma Low and there is a list of milestones on our sourceforge project page.

Can I help?

In general we're always looking for members to reinforce the team. Your best bet is browsing the Help Wanted page on sourceforge. If you would like to fill a position that is not listed there, you can contact us using the project page anyway.